Month: December 2011

Mame Shimpaku Juniper

During my travel to Japan this year in July, I had the opportunity to visit several shohin bonsai growers. In Angyo I visited the nursery of Akimoto, a very friendly man, who sold me a small Shimpaku Juniper for a friendly prize. This coming Mame sized bonsai had a lot

Happy Holidays

Shohin Juniper step 3

Continuing the work from the last post, the Juniper is now ready for the next (third step) in its progression. The arrangement of the branches and canopy is often some of the appealing work for many, because it is here you may change a tree totally in a new direction,

Juniper progress

This Juniperus chinensis, has been on its way for five months now since I acquired it at local bonsai shop in July. It’s a classic pre-bonsai with both flaws and positive features. My work with this tree is one step at the time, leaving plenty of time for the tree

Shohin display with western scroll painting

For UK Bob Bailey I set up two pieces of shohin display this morning. To show how the western scroll paintings works in a shohin display. In lack of a blue winter scroll (Kakejiku) to hold the painting, I used what was in stock. A dark green or another winter