Spring times

Spring is really showing her pretty face these days. The bonsai develops nicely and the garden develops fast. Warmer weather on its way, and it is time to trim trees and make them ready for the annual exhibition in Dansk Bonsai Selskab (The Danish bonsai Society).

Berberis thunbergii, Mame-bonsai. Pot by Elsebeth Ludvigsen, Denmark.
Berberis thunbergii, Mame-bonsai. Pot by Elsebeth Ludvigsen, Denmark.

The Berberis shown here are ready to be part of a Mame-bonsai display, but the Potentilla still shows no sign of flowers which should be expected by now. I have another Potentilla with flower buds ready to open, so if the one shown here do not get into the mood soon, I have a replacement ready. So it is with spring exhibition. Only a few days and different weather can change which trees that are selected. In contradiction to winter displays where it is possible to select trees weeks or months ahead because nothing changes from late autumn to spring. Therefore it is much easier to plan winter displays than trees selected in the growing season, where trees change from flowering to non-flowering within a few days (and vice versa). Evergreens being a bit more predictable, but still needs attention because new flush of growth will happen from time to time, also being weather dependent.

The garden also begins to show it self from the best side, so spring is – as I state every year – my favourite time of the year.




Potentilla fruticosa.
Potentilla fruticosa.


Chinese Juniper, Shohin.
Chinese Juniper, Shohin.



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