New bonsai stands and garden

The last three weeks I have worked hard to relocate my bonsai benches and garden surroundings. New benches has been constructed, old ones moved, and on top of that, most of the garden in renewed and refined. Still a way to go, but first and hardest step has been taken.

Shohin-bonsai placed on new benches.

Shohin-bonsai placed on new benches.

The shohin-bonsai and bonsai are in constant need of water. The last month has been hot and sunny every day. So all trees has been watered at least twice a day, which has been a bit difficult when I also had to moved them, from the old position to the new ones, in between building and arranging walk ways, gravel i.e. A lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Although cooler weather would have spared some sweat (but I am not complaining about the great weather).

Next steps later… to be continued 🙂


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  3. jean vermaeren says:

    zeer mooi gemaakt,en mooie shohins

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    Stunning photos…

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