Bonsai ceremony – a new way with tradition


A new concept of viewing and perceiving bonsai is introduced at the spring bonsai exhibition, Ga-shun-ten arranged by Fuchi Bonsai (Morten Albek, Johnny Eslykke and Torben Hornstrup Sottaku Pedersen).

The Bonsai Ceremony is a totally new way of introducing the art of displaying bonsai in the Tokonoma, based on the Japanese Tea Ceremony and Ikebana. We hope this will enhance the experience of bonsai display and bonsai as an art form. Bonsai needs progress as any other art form. We hope this new way of showing the classical bonsai display aesthetics, making use of old traditions in a new context, will raise the knowledge and appreciation of bonsai.  How it will be performed you have to wait and see after the spring exhibition, or take part 🙂

The full program for the day below.

Sunday May 4th – 2014

Introducing the Bonsai Ceremony

Bonsai exhibition, demo, workshop and bonsai market

The newly constructed Japanese garden at Morten Albek´s residence frames this spring event.

Bonsai Ceremony Introducing a new way of seeing and experiencing bonsai. the Bonsai Ceremony is based on the Japanese Tea ceremony and Ikebana.

Bonsai exhibition Fuchi Bonsai exhibits bonsai.

Demo: Johnny Eslykke working at a European Larch, Morten Albek and Torben Pedersen shows bonsai display techniques in a display workshop.

Workshop Open workshop – bring your tree – get hands on and advices.

Bonsai market Bring trees, raw stocks i.e. you want to swap with other or sell at reasonable prices.

Entry fee: 50,-dkr.

Sign up by e-mail no later than April 27th at
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