Shohin-bonsai at the Bonsaiwerkstatt

wernerIn Düsseldorf, Germany, is a special place with bonsai. Bonsaiwerkstatt is run by Werner Busch, including a Bonsai Museum. Here are a lot of activities with invited bonsai artists, and I teach at a workshop this coming weekend November 23. and 24.

Weather seems to be slightly better in Düsseldorf (warmer, and a 7 hours drive southwards) than in Denmark for this time of the year, were the first night frosts arrived this week. Will be off for a period though shortly after, but all trees are now brought in shelter for the winter to come. Hopefully we will have a winter not as cold as previous three years. Luckily no trees has been harmed by the unusual cold winters lately, so they have all been tested for low temperatures. Protected by the unheated greenhouse helps, but still temperatures have been very low compared to normal winters around here. But it seems to be a global issue, that weather has changed recently.

A post from the workshop will be up some time next week…




  1. Hello Morten,
    Tak for din hjælp i udformningen af Shohins og de mange forslag. Jeg håber du havde en god tur (og oversættelse program fungerer korrekt!), Gerhard

    • Morten Albek says:

      Hello Gerhard

      Velbekomme. Det var et et par dejlige dage i godt selskab og med gode folk. Mange bonsai af høj kvalitet, og godt arbejde af alle. Glæder mig til at møde Jer igen.

      Thank you Gerhard. It was a very pleasant weekend, with fine material and quality shohin. Everybody worked very dedicated. Hope to see you again.

      Venlig hilsen / best regards
      Morten Albek

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