Shohin workshop 2 – displaying


At the Shohin workshop at the Bonsaiwerkstatt in Düsseldorf, Germany, we used the late Sunday part of the workshop to do some shohin presentations. There was a display rack available, and we used the trees already available through the workshop. So this was not a display by selected trees, but trying some displays with trees available.

It is valuable to set up some different displays, discussing sizes, directions and pot colours for practise and enlightenment. Trees were swapped to see the effect of it, and the discussions were open-minded but also influenced by personal preferences. As it should be. A display is a personal expression of the nature presented, and therefore we have different opinions about taste of colours and shapes i.e. The expression of the season is of great importance, but how we individually express this is different from each of us.

We discussed “rules” and guidelines, and I sensed that we agreed that there are few rules and much freedom to express the beauty of nature with a personal feeling. I will recommend to do this more often. Bring everything along, try different presentations with small or big changes, and discuss what works and what doesn’t.

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