Winter storage


The past three winters have been heavily influenced by frosts and snow covering the ground. This year has been opposite. The second warmest December ever! Still bonsai are in their winter protection area in the unheated greenhouse. This protects the trees from the wet weather conditions, because it has been raining quite a lot, and two storms has passed the country too, with harm done to large trees and buildings. But the bonsai, being placed early in protection from the elements, have suffered zero until now. Only concern will be if sudden freezing appears with very low temperatures, and/or too early growth starts. In the garden there are signs of spring growth due to the warm weather (today up to 10 degrees Celsius), which will turn to a disadvantage when February (maybe) shows winter habits like previous years. The trees in the cold framed storage will not suffer much by this, if just protected from the sun and wind. Therefore the mild winter does not provoke me to bring the trees outside too early, because as late as March might show its forgotten winter face and harm trees unprotected. So most important is to keep up watering needs now, keeping the trees inside, and control some shading if sunny periods warm up the greenhouse unnecessary.




2 thoughts on “Winter storage

  1. Hi Morten
    I have started to keep some shohin
    Bonsai now and just wanted to ask you the feeding routine on them do I feed them the same as other trees or different also what food would you reccomend here in uk for shohin
    I have some really small to they are as small as my palm.
    Thankyou kind regards shah

    1. Hi Badar

      Thank you. I feed my bonsai with two kinds of fertilizers. A liquid tomato i.e. fertilizer for trees that needs development of flowers or fruits. A liquid plant fertilizer with app. equal amounts of NPK, for all other trees.
      All used with half the strength of the recommended amount for a feeding regime of every two weeks, or a quarter of the amount if feeded every week. Depending on the growth speed and need of fertilizing. That´s my way of feeding, but everything depends on the climate you are growing your trees under, the health of the trees, soil conditions and so on, so this must just be taken as a guideline.
      Good luck with your trees.

      Best regards
      Morten Albek

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