Early bird spring


Spring is an early bird. Newer before in my + 20 years with bonsai, have I moved trees from their shelter late February and early March. The weather is mild as a Caffé latte, and therefore it is better to acclimatise the trees now, so they are adapted to the weather outside. If it should turn colder with frosts during some days, I will use a good half hour putting the trees back to the green house as long as it is needed. But for now, it is better having the bonsai in open air, rather than a overheated greenhouse. Re-potting will begin soon.


3 thoughts on “Early bird spring

  1. Hi Morten my trees are still in the green house but the weather is getting much better here in the uk if I bring my trees out how long would you recommend for them to stay out before they go back in or should I leave them out now
    Regards shah

    1. Hi Shah
      It fully depends on the weather. Now it is fine and steady weather here, and only degree minus for one night doesn’t harm anything. If there are more than one or two days freezing day and night, I will put the trees back into the greenhouse. A night with minus two or more degrees frosts may also get the trees back in storage room, but this is much a matter of experience and gut feeling. So look at the weather forecast and if there are cold freezing nights every night for a period, keep the trees in the shelter. If there is only one or two lightly freezing nights and good temperatures in day time you can bring them outdoor. This guideline is for native trees and Japanese maples e.g. Fragile trees I would keep in protection a bit longer. Threes with leaves opened needs more protection than trees with the buds still unopened and thereby more protected against frosts.
      Best regards

      1. Thankyou very much Morten for your reply yes I guess your right it’s about looking at the weather forecast I will keep on that
        And than see if it’s ok too bring the trees out

        Regards shah

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