Repotting a Berberis Mame-bonsai

It is repotting time. Although leaves have already developed during the last two days, it is not too late to repot.

Berberis thunbergii.
Berberis thunbergii.

The small Mame-bonsai Berberis thunbergii is in need of a deeper pot to develop satisfyingly, and in order to be healthy growing. The old pot was simply too shallow, and therefore is was time to move it to a slightly wider and somewhat deeper pot. The rots will be cooler in the new pot, and have much more room to grow. The tree is placed slightly to the left to add movement towards the right. New growth and developing the branches will be the future task. The soil is a non-peat soil in good quality. Grid is placed in the bottom of the pot to secure drainage. The chosen blue pot enhances the colours of the leaves.

3 thoughts on “Repotting a Berberis Mame-bonsai

    1. It is a good quality garden center soil aimed for growing plants in containers. This means it is free of leaf compost, and is neutral – not alkaline and not sour, but neutral. It holds water well, which is good for shohin with only a little soil in the pots.
      For Azaleas I use sphagnum peat soils aimed for Rhododendrons, because this type of trees/shrubs/plants like a sour soil.

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