Flowering Shohin in spring

One of two spring  flowering shohin is a Quince, Chaenomeles x superba `Crimson and Gold`, which is a bit of an old tree in my collection. I have trained this tree since 2001 (thirteen years to save you from counting), and the tree is app. 25 years old. Originally a garden nursery specimen. I love these spring flowering trees, who welcomes spring. The past two years it has not been allowed to flower, because it was in need of restoring week branches. It is a simple tree but working well in a spring display. The pot is a wonderful Japanese pot by Yumeko. Height of the tree is 11 cm.



The second shohin shown is a new tree in the collection. A Deutzia gracilis that is strong growing specimen. Therefore it is grown in a narrow pot, to reduce its growth, keeping branches shorter. Because it is still a young tree, the growth is too long, but this will reduce with time. The pot is a Japanese pot, by Bikoh Horie. Height of the tree is 16 cm.


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