Bonsai art exhibition and book release

Within the next year I am working with artist Ann-Lisbeth Sanvig (who happens to be my wife too), co-working on a project that will end up with art paintings where bonsai are the motive. The paintings will be at exhibition at the art gallery Gallerie Rasmus next year. The gallery is the biggest in Denmark, and my wife is a highly recognized artist, so it is very satisfying that the gallery has agreed to go into this kind of special exhibition of both bonsai and paintings with bonsai.

Also during the next year we will work together at an art book project, with paintings, bonsai and flower decorations by one of the nations best florists, Else-Marie Andersen. The book will be released within a year. All exiting projects raising the recognition of bonsai as art form tremendously and an interesting relationship between art forms.


Artist Ann-Lisbeth Sanvig


Florist Else-Marie Andersen flower decorations with Ann-Lisbeth Sanvig painting at Gallerie Rasmus exhibition, to be seen at the Strandgallery in Skagen, Denmark right now.


Juniperus Shohin-bonsai by Morten Albek. To be exhibited with art paintings with bonsai as motive.


  1. alfredo espino says:

    I´m very very happy to hear about this event, Morten! Please send my warm regards to your wife.

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