Training the environment for your bonsai

The Shohin-bonsai and the garden sprouts with new growth and vigour. A mild winter, warm spring and promising early summer days  makes the season look better than ever. Weather has a huge impact on growing bonsai, big and small. It is not enough being good at techniques regarding wiring and cutting i.e. Watering at the right times depending on the needs of each individual tree is a daily task necessary to practise and learn over years. Sheltering trees properly in winter, make them grow better the following year. Placing the trees in a sheltered place during the growing season speeds up the successful growing of bonsai.

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Aesthetically it is pleasing to have an area designed for bonsai that looks good. But as important is the location of the area. Is there semi-shade during the day so trees are not burned by the sun, and dried out too quickly during a hot summers day? Especially when we are growing shohin, that have small pots where soil dries out faster than many larger trees. Carefully plant trees that provides shade during the day when the sun is at the highest. Help the air humidity around the trees, by planting vegetation nearby, and place watering basins too. Even trays with water right beneath the trees will help air humidity and a better environment for your small shohin bonsai.

Each specimens requires its special conditions. Some trees are very tolerant, placed in sun or semi shade. Others are set back if not placed properly. Pines needs air and sun. I have experienced Scots pines getting lots of whiteflies when standing in leeward, but when placed airy with some winds around them, they will not get attacked by the whiteflies who doesn’t like the wind.

If trees thrives well in sun, place them in the sun (but let them be in partial shade at the hottest time of the day). A big amount of light develops a denser tree than one placed in the shadow. The distance between the leaf pairs (internodes) is shorter when grown with a higher amount of light, which is important to keep a compact growing Shohin-bonsai. Everything to experience and learn by practising in your local area. A learning path that will newer end.



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