One month after defoliation

One month after defoliation at the workshop shown in previous post, the trees have responded well. The three shohin shown had all their leaves removed, leaving only the stem where a sleeping bud waits for something like this to happen. Maybe the tree is not aware of bonsai-mad men with sharp scissors, but they are prepared for natures moods and disasters. So when leaves are removed by hand and scissors, or attacks from grasshoppers i.e., they wake up the sleeping buds for survival. These buds are weaker, but the tree goes on. The weaker leaves developed are very beneficial for the purpose of developing smaller leaves and shorter compact branches for shohin-bonsai. So we just make advantage of what nature has planned, and by that we achieve better bonsai.


Malus baccata, Crabapple one month after defoliation.

One month ago leaves were removed, now new ones are on their way, and in two weeks time the canopy will be full of these new leaves in reduced size. I only do this once a year in order not to stress the tree too much. And only healthy strong growing are subject for this technique.

The trees shown are at different levels, from early development up to close to exhibition ready level.



  1. makisada says:

    So nice to see the results!

  2. shah786786 says:

    Hi Morten just wanted to ask if after defoliation
    Is it ok to wire the trees?

    • Morten Albek says:

      Yes. Wiring deciduous are best done when leaves are off. That being the dormant period, or when defoliated, so leaves are not harmed by wiring and branches are much easier to wire without leaves. Everything in consideration that the tree is healthy growing.

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