Vanitas – Bonsai.

Bonsai as art, and not just bonsai-art. What´s that about? My wife Ann-Lisbeth Sanvig is an recognized artist painter, and is working on a series of paintings with the theme “Vanitas”. This refers to an old painting tradition dealing with the contrast between life and decay. Like deadwood on a bonsai. The connection with bonsai is obvious when age and old wood is parred with life. Vanitas paintings are also flower arrangements set up against places left years ago, and so life is in contrast with the worn and forsaken rooms.


Now bonsai are part of this series of modern style paintings, that will end up in a exhibition of paintings and bonsai together. This is planned to happen in one of the largest galleries in Denmark in March 2015. Before that the first paintings will be shown for the very first time in Copenhagen this autumn, at Art Copenhagen September 19.-21.
Here you can see one of the paintings taking its offspring in an old greenhouse parred with the drawing and painting of one of my bonsai. More will come. Enjoy.