Shohin workshop in Spain

Go to Mistral Bonsai open days in October, where we can meet at the workshop. Full program is available at!program/c66t

A draft of the program below:

Saturday October 4th

10.30h – 13.00h Demonstration of bonsai with Masteres  Morten Albek (a pioneer in the Shohin-Bonsai) and Wlodzimierz Pietraszko (Artist of the Year in 2007 in the prestigious competition Ginko).

11.00h – 12.00h Bonsai initiation workshop

11.30h – 12.30h Exhibition of work on a prebonsai

16.00h – 17.30h Advanced Workshop with Shohin´s Master Morten Albek*

16.00h -17.30h Taller avanzado de bonsai con el maestro Wlodzimierz Pietraszko.*

16.30h – 18.00h Bonsai initiation workshop

17.30h – 18.30h Children´s Bonsai Workshop

17.30h – 18.30h Tillandsias Decorating Workshop.

 * Fee for workshop with guest masters: 50 € / pers. Places are limited.

     Inscriptions: tel. 977 471 019.  Group discounts.

Shohin-bonsai display by Morten Albek

Shohin-bonsai display by Morten Albek
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