Shohin-bonsai in China

In a few days I will be in the air on my way towards Shanghai, China. The reason is an invite to see a Shohin-bonsai exhibition i.e., kindly sponsored and invited by the Shanghai Botanical Gardens. So this is just a small teaser to get you all exited (as I am), because I will of course show a lot of pictures and tell you about what is happening at the Shohin-bonsai scene in China right now.

Shohin-bonsai. I leave my collection to be cared for when I am away 🙂

In a little more than two weeks time I will be back, and show whats happened in China. Direct after the China trip I will be in Spain doing a Shohin workshop. This I will also blog about of course. I will leave my pc at home and just enjoy two weeks packed with Shohin-bonsai and bonsai, and hopefully get plenty of photos. See you online at your pc or tablet in October.


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