Shohin-bonsai in China

In a few days I will be in the air on my way towards Shanghai, China. The reason is an invite to see a Shohin-bonsai exhibition i.e., kindly sponsored and invited by the Shanghai Botanical Gardens. So this is just a small teaser to get you all exited (as I am), because I will of course show a lot of pictures and tell you about what is happening at the Shohin-bonsai scene in China right now.


Shohin-bonsai. I leave my collection to be cared for when I am away 🙂

In a little more than two weeks time I will be back, and show whats happened in China. Direct after the China trip I will be in Spain doing a Shohin workshop. This I will also blog about of course. I will leave my pc at home and just enjoy two weeks packed with Shohin-bonsai and bonsai, and hopefully get plenty of photos. See you online at your pc or tablet in October.



  1. […] Efter Kina var jeg hjemme og sove en enkelt nat, inden en jeg fløj videre til Spanien for at lede workshop og demo hos Mistral Bonsai uden for Barcelona. For første gang havde man valgt at det årlige åbent hus arrangement havde Shohin bonsai på programmet. […]

  2. cliff Chong says:

    Hi Morten, All the best for your China and Spain trips ! Looking forward to your wonderful pictures along thr way…….

  3. bonsai405 says:

    Hallo Morten have a nice trip to China, look forward to see some picture from there

  4. Hello Morten Have a nice trip to China

  5. Kit Bowns says:

    Can’t wait to see your trip. Don’t forget photo’s of pots too!

    Enjoy China.


  6. shah786786 says:

    Hi Morten hope you have
    A great time good luck
    And take care

  7. backcountrydan says:

    Looking forward to it! Have a great trip!!

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