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Back after a fantastic bonsai trip to China. This is the first of several posts from the tour, arranged by Shanghai Botanical Gardens and the organizers of the Mini Bonsai Exhibition in Changzhou. The first event took place at Shanghai Botanical Gardens. In occasion of the 40 year jubilee of the establishment of the Bonsai (Penjing in Chinese) Collection in the gardens, a big celebration took place.


After a visit in the bonsai garden a meeting took place. The agenda of the meeting was to celebrate the jubilee of the garden, and signing a collaborative agreement between Shanghai Botanical Gardens and Denmark for the development of International bonsai culture. Done trough the signing of MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). Selected countries also signed this document that also is a agreement of helping each other with friendship and support of bonsai culture internationally and between the countries signing.

Invited representatives from US, UK, Poland, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China and Denmark (presented by me), took part in the event. Both board members from associations and others.


I had, with other participants, also the honour of being appointed as Ambassador of Shanghai Botanical Garden for the promotion of Bonsai art.

Receiving the honour of being appointed as Ambassador of the bonsai collection at the Shanghai Botanical Garden. Including life time VIP membership.

The Chinese bonsai (Penjing) has another aesthetic impact than the classical well known Japanese bonsai style. Penjing is the origin of bonsai, dated more than 1300 years back in time. With this knowledge it is amazing to watch the Chinese styled bonsai, that have another more stylish and figurative expression than the Japanese style that seeks perfection and a more “accurate” representation of a tree in nature.

A present to the garden was a poster with the names of all invited masters and chairmen i.e. with our autograph handwritten. This poster is now placed central in the main building to be watched by visitors.

Some photos shown here, and the rest are available at the website photo section.


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