Bonsai High School

In the city Huangdao in China there is a very special place. A High School packed with large bonsai and surroundings with beautifully pruned Pines i.e. The climate is good with summer temperatures at 30 C and only occasionally below 0 in winter.  Nice 25 degrees C when we payed the School a visit just before sundown.


2000 students, boys and girls, are educated at the High School. They are living in a classical Chinese school, but the environment is so much different from any other schools in the world. Aesthetics are all over the outdoor areas, and thereby the students are teached to preserve this culture and cherish the value of garden culture and bonsai.


The school ends are connected with a 1000 meters long covered pathway, and on every corner there are shaped trees or bonsai. Even beside the sports areas and aside the outdoor swimmingpool bonsai or shaped trees are present. Also a private collection of bonsai are at a closed area, which will be presented in the next post.

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