A new home for my bonsai

In January we sold our old farmhouse, and we now have residence in a beautiful landscape scenery  at the countryside. This also means a full new start of the garden, after working hard the last six month renovating the house. The house is smaller, but the garden is bigger. There is a small forest on each side of the house as well as a nice view over the fields at the south side.

Everything is overgrown with bushes, grass and weeds, so a larger cleaning of the area is present. But it also makes space for a much nicer bonsai garden among the old trees. It is a gift to be placed among older trees, that takes years to mature. Like bonsai.

I look forward to these spring month cleaning up the garden, and begin a period for my bonsai. I hope they will display better than before in these surroundings. Right now, as the pictures prove, the shohin and bonsai are in transport boxes, waiting for repotting and a new stand. It will be a busy spring.

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