Spring repotting day

It was spring repotting day at the Fuchi Bonsai meeting Sunday. Trees found new soil and in between a new pot too. The sun was not really shining, but spring is here and there was a lot of work put into the repotting session.



5 thoughts on “Spring repotting day

  1. Brilliant set of photos once again.

    Again the charcoal… I’ve heard of the benefits for its use in plantations but never having been used for Bonsai.
    Does it seem to work?? As opposed to other fertilising medium in the soils during potting??

    1. Thanks. Charcoal is just mixed in the normal soil mixture. Not replacing anything, but works very well in any type of soil. Is widely used in Japanese bonsai nurseries and helps releaising nutrients slowly. A post about it is on its way 😊

  2. It’s always nice to finally start to work on our trees after the winter
    Period what was the charcoal mix you did Morten and what trees
    Is it good for thanks
    Regards shah

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