Shohin bonsai weekend workshop

A really great weekend workshop with my German friends at the Bonsai Werkstatt in Düsseldorf. I may be a bad teacher, because the same people seems to need coming back to the workshop. 🙂 Also new friends arrived, and everybody worked really dedicated through both days.

Many high quality shohin trees and future trees were brought in by the students. Great pots and trees floating around, and i can’t remember how many trees we styled, changed, refined and repotted during these two intensive, but also relaxed days. Shohin people are nice people, and beside laughs we had many good and serious talks about care and health of the trees, as well as different techniques depending on purpose.

The Bonsai Werkstatt offers very nice settings for the workshops, in a friendly atmosphere. Even a bonsai museum is located at the nursery.

I am stunned by the eagerness and open minded approach to develop trees by the participants. Thank you for being so kind and even giving me gifts. Look forward to another round again.

Here some of my photos from the workshop and Bonsai Werkstatt, run by Werner Busch.

3 thoughts on “Shohin bonsai weekend workshop

  1. I think they come back because of the wonderful teachings and the
    The fun you have together whilst teaching Thankyou for some great
    Pictures and video 👏🏻👏🏻

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