Chinese bonsai article about Morten Albek


In Shanghai Botanical Gardens.

The Chinese (updated) website has written an article about me and my bonsai. You can read it here if you read Chinese – or use a translation tool.

The words are very praising, and I do feel very proud that there is such a focus on the bonsai community outside China.


  1. shah786786 says:

    Well deserved praises mate.
    I see you takeing the flowers of a potentillia is this good for the tree why is this done Thankyou

    • Morten Albek says:

      Thanks. The flowers were removed to put the energy in growing branches. Flowers stops branch growth, and must be removed to enhance the branch development when the tree is not fully developed. Later when the tree is in a good shape and the design is reached it is allowed to flower again.

  2. Congratulations! Totally deserved.

  3. Kazue Otsuka says:


    I am Japanese, living in Germany.

    I just would like to tell you that the website is not Japanese but Chinese.

    Anyway, your bonsais are really great, and I am looking forward to your new posts!

    Kind regards, Kazue Otsuka

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