Feel feel the love for bonsai

In Japan is this year a very special bonsai art exhibition and performance taking place. Different artist, photographers, graphic designers i.e. are together with bonsai artist Masashi Hirao displaying bonsai in very refreshing new way during the Feel Feel Bonsai event.

Feel feel the love for bonsai when you watch the pictures very kindly brought here with permission of the Feel Feel Bonsai project.


All Photos are courtesy of Feel Feel Bonsai,  Setouchi Cogeiz, a group of creators comprised primarily of alumni from Kagawa Prefectural Takamatsu-Kougei High School.

There are 13 members who are Graphic designers, photographer, architect, and garden designers to form the team who create this exhibition venue with Bonsai artist, Masashi Hirao.  The exhibition which continues till the end of October will change time to time so visitors can still feel the seasonal changes throughout the year.


Bonsai art may seem very related to the past in the modern world, due to its very long history in the east, clinging to traditions.  But the art of bonsai is not an art form that is not moving just because it have deep roots in the past. Just see what happens when traditional art is modernised without taking its heart out, but done with love and the courage of expanding borders and artistic people translating it.


I feel personally very inspired by the art created in this venue, which appeals deeply to my senses.

The event takes place in the Kagawa prefecture, in the wonderful surroundings of the Japanese Garden “Ritsurin Kouen”. Next event takes place August 12th, so if you by any chance are nearby, read more about it at the Facebook page. A web site is also set up at Tumblr with great photos and video presentations of the event.


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