Snowy cold spring

This is no weather for man or beast!’

Snow is falling. April is unpredictable. Some years we have had a warm and comfortable spring, and other years it is back and forth. This year it’s just cold and wet.

What should we do if we couldn’t talk about the weather? (Laughing). We do have to talk about the weather all the time when we grow bonsai. The weather influences the health of the tree who are affected by temperature changes at the most fragile moment of the season. When leaves at deciduous trees open.

Fragile leaves

Especially the Japanese maples are vulnerable at this time, and minus 2 or 3 degrees Celsius might add some frost damages to the thin leaves. It will not kill the tree, but it will at least look bad, and in worse cases set the tree back in development that season.

As you will notice from the pictures we had some sleet falling this morning. Nothing damaged by that. Temperatures are just on the right side of freezing.

If it was worse, I had to put trees in a shelter right away. The weather forecast predicts better weather the weak ahead of us, so I look forward to seeing the sun and feel the warmth. I am sure the trees are having the same expectations.

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