Bud thinning deciduous bonsai

Bud thinning deciduous bonsai

The bonsai used in this case, is a Japanese maple and deciduous trees with the same type of growth can have the same technique applied.

When maintaining and managing a bonsai, it is very important to pinch correctly. Bud picking Maples and species alike is an important job in order to level the vigour. When dealing with small trees, balancing growth between weak and strong parts of the tree, and develop back budding, is even more important than when growing larger bonsai. Pinch stronger growing areas harder than weaker areas. Pinching will also develop new buds further back, that with time can replace outgrowing branches. This work also prevents the internodes of a vigorous tree to extend too much.

A bonsai needs to be controlled in growth in order to direct energy to the branches you want to develop. This is done by balancing the strength of growth between the branches. To keep growth compact next step is to prune back branches. In this case, 3 weeks later you can cut the branch to discard the part of growth unnecessary for the design if needed. The first step is solely with the task of balancing energy.

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