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Bonsai display the original way

I just launched a re-edited version of my “bonsai display” section at I hope to share the art of displaying bonsai the original way with you. Bonsai displaying has an out-spring from the Japanese landscape painting, and is clearly connected to the viewing of a landscape scenery in a minimalistic form, using open space …

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Satsuki Azalea 'Kaho' (Rhododendron indicum)

Waiting for the winter to pass by, and waiting for a new pre-bonsai to arrive. Making a website for a bonsai store is paid with a new bonsai for my collection. The specie is a Satsuki Azalea ‘Kaho’ (Rhododendron indicum). The winter has been extremely cold this year (as last year, but even colder this time). …

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Happy New Year 2011

I wish you all a prosperous and happy new year 2011. My plans for the year to come is another trip to Japan in the summer. I look forward to this adventure exploring bonsai and Japanese gardens with two friends of mine. Also at the old farm-house were we live I will be busy the …

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Happy Holidays

Winter storage

It was time to put the Shohin into their cold greenhouse storage today. Cold nights are starting and wet weather too some days. Frost appeared this night and morning, and the sun added some mood to this lovely scenery too.

Mushrooms in autumn

Here in the late part of autumn, some lovely mushrooms shows up in a bonsai pot of a Rhododendron lysolepsis. This is another sign of autumn, here where nearly all the beautiful colours of the leafs have dropped from deciduous trees. The mushrooms do no harm at all, and silently they adds some autumns expression …

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Unfortunately I have to cancel the trip to Italy this time to the Sakka Ten. I hope everybody will have a nice time and I look forward to take the next one. Regards, Morten Albek

Sakka ten preparations

Sakka Ten in Padova is three weeks from now, so it was time to do the final preperations and smalller corrections for the Shohin display I had selected. Fresh mosses are applied, trunks are cleaned and minor corretions like removing wire were performed today. The leaf colour of the maple will enhance much the next …

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Autumn garden pics misc.

Sakka-ten exhibition approved

Today two displays were selected for the Sakka-ten autumn exhibition in Padova, Italy. I look forward to show my work on this special exhibition in November.

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