Bonsai in Rome

At my recent travel to Rome in Italy, my wife and I took a last stroll through Trastevere before we should go home, and  entered a botanical garden where a flower festival took place. Here we by coincidence stumbled upon the local bonsai exhibition by the Roman association.

Yellow pot 2 – Pyracantha by Rita and Mark Cooper

After publishing my words about yellow Shohin-bonsai pots yesterday I received a wonderful picture from Rita and Mark Cooper from the UK. Rita and Mark has a fabulous collection of Shohin-bonsai, they have trained and developed from both native stocks and pre-bonsai raw material imported. Their efforts and aesthetic sensibility make them receive several awards, …

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Using yellow pots

Yellow pots for bonsai is still not seen so much outside Japan. In the world of Shohin-bonsai it must be introduced though, and the colour will lift the display when used properly. The glazed pots in various colours are used for deciduous Shohin and mame-bonsai. The colour should underline the colours of leaves, fruits or …

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Yesterday I got a message from a bonsai enthusiast on the island I live. He was giving up bonsai because of too little time to take care of his trees. He therefore asked me if I wanted to take over his little collection of trees, to secure the future of the trees he cared for. …

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Spring details

Here a few close ups of spring signs at the bonsai area. Temperatures are rising fast these days and trees are showing significantly strong growth this year. I do not know exactly why, but the past year was not a good year for bonsai. 2010 started very cool, very slow. Then followed by a hot …

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Supporting Japanese victim

From Marco Invernizzi who made a Facebook group to support a victim of the Japanese catastrophy. “Isao Omachi is the rising star of Bonsai in Japan. He used to live and work in Yamada-cho in the Iwate prefecture with his wife, 2 daughters and his parents. The recent tsunami didn’t take their lives but …

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Japan earthquake

Just got a reply from Tomohiro Masumi in Kyoto, and there are no influence from the giant earthquake at this part of Japan. We hope other parts of Japan will recover and best wishes to all affected by this catastrophe.

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