Accents late summer

Astilbe glaberrima `Sprite`   Sedum spathulifolium `Cape Blanco`

"Bonsai" commercial :-)

This is a funny commercial. Had to share it with you 🙂

Lonicera nitida development

Five years ago I was given this little Lonicera nitida from a bonsai friend, because he did not had any good ideas about how to style it. I started the styling after one year, cutting back branches only leaving back the basics. This specimen makes new growth vigorously, so they are easy to start from …

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Late summer displaying

Summer is not allways the best time to display shohin. This time of the year many trees are leaf trimmed or in other ways not showing the full beauty, missing flowering and colours of the fruits not developed full yet. It is possible though to add this late summer feeling by the colours of fresh …

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Rhododendron lysolepsis deadwood treatment

Today it was time to treat the deadwood of the Rhododendron lysolepsis. The summer has been dry but even though, the watering unavoidably will add some moss to the deadwood and trunk of trees. Today it was time to brush of the green areas in order to prevent rotting of the deadwood. After cleaning the area …

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Crataegus development first 3 years

From collecting this Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna, has developed fine so far. Still in early progress, but now settled in a good pot. The first tree years has been focusing in surviving, by doing nothing but watering and feeding aggressively the first two years until healthy strong growth showed. After another year I started the first styling moves. …

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Mame Goat Willow

This is a small Mame-bonsai Willow started two years ago. The raw material was given by a friend of mine, and the speedy growth will soon give a full canopy. The speedy growth requires also a careful pinching so the tree will neither overgrow or be too stressed by pinching too often. Willows needs plenty …

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New blog from Morten Albek

This is my blog  featuring small and big events, notes from my bonsai garden i.e. I hope you will enjoy. At the blog I will post informal notices of what happens in my world of Shohin-bonsai and more or less related topics. The basic and advanced techniques of Shohin-bonsai you will find on Shohin-bonsai Europe …

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