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Striving for excellence in education through aesthetical produced video tutorials. Making bonsai learning easier. 

Read in depth articles and Case Stories.


“I learned so much from this video. Really thank you This has changed my life on bonsai treatment.” JM Bonsai.

“You are a great teacher. Most videos don’t explain the what and why behind decisions. THANK YOU!” Bomb Lacrosse.

“Hello, this is an excellent work, as bonsai and as video as well, thank you very much, it’s an amazing job.” Essain.

“Just wow! A very fine and sensitive work. Excellent screenplay and video.”  Jeremie Coillard.

The Bonsai Video Studio

The best way to experience bonsai learning online.

Learn bonsai online

Watch when it suits you.

Monthly themes going in depth with a chosen subject. Helping you to understand how to grow and takeing care of your own bonsai.

Aimed for all levels.


The monthly vlog takes you through the seasonal changes of bonsai. 

Follow the bonsai garden of Morten Albek, video from events and more.

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Welcome to the Bonsai Video Studio

Watch the movies when you like. New videos are online monthly. The monthly THEME goes in depth with a subject like repotting, how to display bonsai, the meaning of age and much more as the archive builds up. TUTORIALS are extracts from the monthly theme – or specially recorded – making you able to select the specific techniques you want to see. BONSAI SEASONS Vlog is a monthly inspirational report from the bonsai garden of Morten Albek, report from an event or other seasonal subjects. And then there are INTERVIEWS. Do you have a bonsai question (when to prune, how to water and so on)? Then post it at the BONSAI Q&A and get video response (For extended subscribers only).

Everything at hand when you want to watch.

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