Bonsai stolen in Japan

Reported by Bonsai Empire: Just received an email from mr. Kobayashi that three of his Bonsai were stolen from the Shunkaen garden. He seems determined to get his trees back – and sent us these photos to spread the news. Sharing is caring!”

Top 5 bonsai – Japanese maple

In this small series about my favourite bonsai specimens, it is about the classic Japanese maple. It is so obvious a tree for Shohin bonsai that I can’t neglect it at the list. The shifting kind of leaves, is the Acer palmatum and A. buergerianum have lovely leafs and good trunks if grown properly. Tolerant for pruning, and also showing beauty …

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Top 5 bonsai – Cotoneaster

In some of the next posts i will show my personal top 5 hit list of bonsai subjects. It will be in random order, because I can’t choose one for another. The first choice is the Cotoneaster. Among its many advantages is the small leaves, flowers and autumn berries. Most are deciduous but specimens that keeps foliage through the winter are …

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Tokonoma night lights

Tokonoma version 2.0 Now light is installed in the outdoor Tokonoma, finished this summer for enjoying bonsai viewing. This makes it possible to make a display in the evenings during the darker periods of autumn. Displayed is a not yet finished Japanese maple, but chosen for the autumn leaves change.

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