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Monthly bonsai
video magazine

New improved format. Following the seasons, with a focus on styling, caretaking, and inspiration.

To better prepare you for the seasonal changes and actions in the bonsai garden, we now launch an improved concept. 

The MONTHLY BONSAI VIDEO MAGAZINE will collect and share the seasonal activities of the forthcoming month. 

In every episode, the focus will be on the SEASONS. With styling, growing advice, seasonal display, and of course the Q&A members service. 


preparing the seasonal actions in the bonsai garden

seasonal focus

The new improved format demands more planning and room for adding shorter tips and tricks, not fitting the previous weekly format.

You get more, not less. All just collected in a full-length format, instead of weekly episodes, not giving room for a coherent content. 

Hopefully giving you a better overview of the actions during the month, adding more inspirational content and guidelines in one full package.

Q&A´s are answered in writing as we use too in between launching the monthly episode.

30 Years

Morten Albek brings you all the knowledge gained through more than 30 years as a bonsai artist.
Trained gardener and photographer adds on to the skills. Author of two bonsai books focused on Shohin bonsai.

New episode weekly

The spirit of Kisetsu-en

The Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online courses will guide you through the seasons and build up your skills, improving your bonsai.
With international bonsai professional MORTEN ALBEK

We focus on MIDDLE SIZED and SHOHIN BONSAI and have a range of LARGE BONSAI included in our teaching.

Kisetsu-en means the Garden of the seasons and is the base of the courses.
Morten Albek will guide you through the seasons and share all his knowledge about growing bonsai. 

The monthly episode will have focus on techniques, styling, and the seasonal approach.All you need is interest in bonsai, and Internet connection.
We focus on high quality videos, also giving you simpiration and visual pleasure.
Bonsai is about finding beauty, peace, and simplicity in nature. Following the changing seasons gives you as a bonsai practitioner a unique connection with nature.

We hope to help you follow your dreams creating your own bonsai.monthly monthly

Join The club

Get updates on the seasonal bonsai activities. 

Selected episodes are free to watch as a preview.

New episode every month, covering the forthcoming seasonal activities and techniques.

You can sign up now and watch the videos in the archive. 

The episodes are divided into the seasons, spring, summer, winter, and autumn. This will ease your search for the informations you need, based on the time of the year.

Q&A for members

As a part of your subscription, you can ask questions about bonsai techniques and care. Send in your question and get a video response in an upcoming episode and personal e-mail response.

Members forum

We hope you will feel well here and be a part of the growing community around Kisetsu-en bonsai.

The forum is available only to paying Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online subscribers. You can easily sign up here and be part of our community.


Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online

Improve your skills - Improve your bonsai

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  • Weekly video.
  • Following the seasons.
  • Q&A. Ask your bonsai questions and get response on video and/or personal e-mail.
  • Shohin bonsai and larger bonsai are subjects for training advice, styling and growing techniques.
  • Expand your display knowledge and aesthetics.
  • Improve your skills, improve your bonsai.
  • Online forum. Join the community of members and get inspiration.
  • The video archive is at your hand all the time you are a member.
  • High Quality video and high end post production delivered at your device. Adapted for PC, smartphone and tablet
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