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Videos are shot on location in the Shohin Bonsai Europe garden of Morten Albek, and where we get around. The bonsai collection consists of small, medium and larger bonsai. As the name of the website indicates, most is small to medium sizes, but we want it all and it gives a great opportunity to show different techniques at all levels. Our aim is to inspire and help you make your trees the best they can be. Subscription sign up opens January 2018. Start learning new techniques and see beautiful bonsai from around the world. Receive our newsletter and be the first to know about new posts and videos in the online bonsai studio.

From 2018 – Every month new videos are put online, having a featured theme of the month and a Vlog seasonal reports from the bonsai garden. High quality video explaining the art of BONSAI throughout the year. Subscriptions can be made at three different levels.

Learn about bonsai through educational high quality video when it suits you. The video archive will expand each month, as hundreds of bonsai photos from around the world are available in the photo archive. Added to this also in-depth articles are available.

Watch when it suits you

Get inspired and gain knowledge from the tutorials that are aimed towards both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. Down to earth explanations, that will bring you further with your own trees. The Online Bonsai Studio is the work of international recognized bonsai artist Morten Albek, based on more than 25 years of experience.

The BLOG is available for all. To watch the full videos and get access to the archive with photos and articles, please sign up a subscription that fits you when the new ONLINE STUDIO is released early 2018.

Morten Albek, Shohin-Bonsai Europe.


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