Morten Albek

Widely recognized for his work with Shohin bonsai, publishing two books on this subject. 

The recent book is from 2020, and Shohin Through the Seasons already is a best selling bonsai book.

Morten Albek has been at the bonsai scene for more than 30 years and has travelled all over the world teaching bonsai at major events, at small clubs and at numerous workshops.

Since 2003 serving the Shohin bonsai enthusiasts online, and from 2020 with online student memberships, teaching bonsai at all levels.

Morten Albek is based in Denmark and the nursery Kisetsu-en is the base for teaching.

Kisetsu-en means “garden of the changing seasons” and reflects the philosophy and spirit of Kisetsu-en Shohin & Bonsai.

The collection of bonsai varies from the smallest Mame and Shohin bonsai to larger bonsai.

As a bonsai professional Morten teaches groups of students. Bonsai demonstrations at the largest scenes. From Brazil to China and India. And of course all around Europe.

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