Theme of the month

The big guide to repot shohin bonsai – part one. The importance of the right soil structure and its influence on the bonsai design. (My personal soil mix can be viewed at the tutorials section and at the end of part 2 (coming soon).


Basic introduction to bonsai pots. What pot to choose, differences between glazed and unglazed pots, taking care of pots and more.  18:00

Morten Albek brings a Yamadori Scots Pine collected in Sweden to the first stage a s a bonsai. Styling the raw material for the first time.  42:55

Wiring bonsai. Beginners and advanced wiring techniques. Timing and trees health is among the subject in this video.  30:11

Shohin-bonsai introduction. How to grow Shohin, sizes and much more.  13:08

The joy of bonsai. Appreciating bonsai, A personal story of Morten Albeks view on bonsai.  19:29