Morten Albek


l1004518Bonsai artist, gardener, writer and photographer Morten Albek is one of the pioneers of shohin-bonsai in the west.

With more than 25 years of bonsai growing and devoted to the art of the small shohin-bonsai he has developed a valuable experience with the many aspects of this special branch of the bonsai art.

Book Morten Albek for bonsai, shohin-bonsai demonstrations and workshops around the world using the contact form. Please make enquiries in good time ahead, because the schedule is busy. 

The bonsai work of Morten Albek have been published in many books, and also in step-by-step articles at the Bonsai Focus magazine and other publications in Europe, in Japan and China e.g.

Albek has teached in many parts of the world. Of course in many parts of Europe, but also Brazil and India has been on the travel list. Morten is educated as a Gardener, but has worked solely as Photographer most of his professional life. He also has a garden blog (in Danish) at


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