Articles published in Bonsai Focus, Kinbon Magazine (Bonsai magazine of Japan), the all Japan Mame-Bonsai Association website, Bonsai & Tea Magazine, the Danish Bonsai Association magazine and website, The Cologni Foundation for Artistic Craft Professions (Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte) as well as many other resources.

2017 Organizing the Danish Bonsai Society annual meeting with Fuchi Bonsai. Workshops: Nordic Bonsai Center, Keyaki Bonsai Klub.

2016 Best Shohin 2016 / Nominee EBA 2017 – Danish Bonsai Association.

2016 Workshops and demos: Bonsai Namaste, Pune, India. Bonsai Werkstatt Düsseldorf, Germany. Keyaki, Copenhagen, Denmark. Bonsai demo and workshop, Kiel, Germany.

2015 Workshops and demos: Bonsai Werkstatt Düsseldorf, Germany. Vestjylland Bonsai Klub, Denmark. Nord Bonsai – Shohin workshop, Hamburg, Germany.

2015 Best Shohin 2016  – Danish Bonsai Association.

2014 Chairman at Shohin Bonsai Danmark. Founded by Morten Albek, Johnny Eslykke and Torben Pedersen.

2014 September 29th. Appointed as Ambassador of Shanghai Botanical Garden for promotion of Bonsai Art.

2014 Life time VIP member of Shanghai Botanical Garden.

2014 Assigned as contact between Shanghai Botanical Garden and Danish Bonsai Association.

2013 November 23.-24. Shohin-workshop, Bonsai-Werkstatt, Werner M. Busch, Düsseldorf, Germany.

2012 Portrait in The Hong Kong magazine Trends´on

2012 Bonsai Club International artists list

2011 Japan travel. Photoshoot and articles for Bonsai Focus, featuring shohin expert Tomohiro Masumi i.e.

2011 Fuchi Bonsai Masterclass. Study group established in corporation with Johnny Eslykke and Torben Pedersen.

2010 Workshop teacher at Keyaki Bonsai Club of Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 Associate member of  Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe

2010 published, featuring small notes, events and less heavier articles with main focus on shohin-bonsai.

2010 Adapted in the jubilee book of Daizo Iwasaki

2008 Author of the book Majesty in miniature, Shohin Bonsai, unlocking the secrets of small trees. Published by Stone ISBN 9780976755067

2006-2010 member of the jury, Competition of Shohin Bonsai in Brazil at

2007 main demo at Bonsai Brazil, in Brazil.

2007 Consultant on the book Gold Award Penjing of the World 1-2, and presented in the book with two Shohin-bonsai works

2007 – 2009 Secretary at the board of the Danish Bonsai Society and 2009-10 Chairman at the Danish Bonsai Society

Since 2007-2009  Knowledge of Bonsai Forums moderator at theShohin and Mame Bonsai with Morten Albek section

2007, 2008 and 2009. Judge at Knowledge of Bonsai / Bonsai Focus styling contest

2006 Member of the jury, Competition of Shohin Bonsai in Brazil at

Jury members: Colin Lewis (UK), Walter Pall (D), Morten Albek (DK), Marita Gurruchata (AR), Václac Nocak (CH), Davic Benavente (ES), Wolfgang Putz (AU), Charles Ceronio (SA).

2006 Workshop teacher at Burrs Workshops, England

2006 Demo and workshop in Poland.

2006 European Bonsai Association convention in Ksiaz, Poland. Judge at the New Talent Competition .

2006 Member of the British Shohin Association. Membership No. 31.

2005 Member of the All Japanese Shohin-Bonsai Association. Membership No. 03130.

2005 Japan bonsai tour. Interview and talks with Saburo Kato, Masahiko Kimura, Hiroshi Takeyama, and meetings with Higuchi Takeshi and Tomohiro Masumi.

2005 Live online demo at

2005 Member of Bonsai Clubs International. Membership No. 03382

2004 Judge at the New Talent Contest in Denmark.

2003 – 2011, and 2013 Webmaster at the Danish Bonsai Society

2003 Shohin-bonsai Europe, was established by Morten Albek, and it went on air on the Internet, October the 15´th .

2003 Winner of “Keyaki Master 2003″. Winner of the special competition between the first 10 winners of the New talent Contest in Denmark. The event took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in September.

2002 – 2005  Judge at the 2003 Exhibition at the Danish Bonsai Society annual meeting and exhibition.

2002 Judge at the New Talent Contest, held by the Danish Bonsai Society in Denmark 2002.

2000  Millennium Workshop, with Tony Tickle i.e. at Bonsaigalleriet in Aarhus, Denmark.

1999  Photo shooting and visit in Seikou-en, Omiya and Kyoto, in Japan.

1998 – 2013 Established website: Albek Bonsai.

1999-2001  Vice chairman in the Danish Bonsai Society.

1998-1999 Chairman for the Activity Group of Fyn,  Danish Bonsai Society.

1993 – 2013 Member of the Danish Bonsai Society Dansk Bonsai Selskab. Membership No. 1684

1982 Gardener (speciality, orchids).

Photographer since 1989

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