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News for the year ahead

We are really happy about all the positive feedback coming from all our dedicated members. Makes the hard work worthwhile.
We strive to find the best balance for the members, and this leads to a few changes I hope will be received well.
Instead of posting one large package a month, from 2022 a weekly publication will be the new normal.
Bonsai ON
You may have noticed a new name for the content. Wanted to spice things up a bit as we improve and make small changes. Therefore Bonsai ON is the new brand for online education at Kisetsu-en.
Now delivered weekly. 
Always on Thursdays
We aim to send out new content on Thursdays.
The LIVEQ&A taking place on Thursdays will be recorded and re-posted normally a day or two afterwards due to processing time technicalities. 
A new feature will be a machine-translated edition for those of you having less English language practice. Or just want to watch without sound on.
Subtitles in new languages
From 2022 we also add Danish and Swedish to our subtitles. Although automated machine translations aren’t necessarily spot-on, it absolutely helps break down language barriers and we hope you will find them useful. 
Languages available with subtitles for all video content onwards are:
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Swedish.
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