Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online

Improve your skills - improve your bonsai

25 Years

Morten Albek brings you all the knowledge gained through more than 25 years as a bonsai artist.
Trained gardener and photographer adds on to the skills.

New episode weekly

The spirit of Kisetsu-en

The Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online courses will guide you through the seasons and build up your skills, improving your bonsai.

Kisetsu-en means the Garden of the seasons and is the base of the courses.
Morten Albek will guide you through the seasons and share all his knowledge about growing bonsai. 

The weekly episode will have focus on techniques, styling, and the seasonal approach.All you need is interest in bonsai, and Internet connection.

Bonsai is about finding beauty, peace, and simplicity in nature. Following the changing seasons gives you as a bonsai practitioner a unique connection with nature.

We hope to help you follow your dreams creating your own bonsai.

New episodes online weekly

You can sign up now and watch the videos in the archive. 

The weekly episodes are divided into the seasons, spring, summer, winter, and autumn. This will ease your search for the informations you need, based on the time of the year.

Q&A for members

As a part of your subscription, you can ask questions about bonsai techniques and care. Send in your question and get a video response in an upcoming episode.


3 months subscription

Pay 24 € very 3 months – 8€ pr. month.

1 month subscription

Pay 10 € monthly.

Price list and informations about memberships. When you sign up for a membership, you will get immediate access to all available content. 

Your membership will be active as long as you stay as a member. The subscription automatically is renewed when ending. It will renew until you may choose to unsubscribe. New content will be published weekly. In case of technical issues or health issues, we hold the right to delay new publications. You will get noticed, and content will be published as soon as possible.

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