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New book

Released February 2020. Pre order now and save.

Follow the four seasons and learn to handle techniques, care and displaying Shohin bonsai.

English language. Langue française.

My book “Shohin – Through the Seasons” is available for a good price.
31,90 € for English version, and price includes book reservation and postage fees, until the 31 January 2020.

Shohin Bonsai Europe  ♦  Kisetsu-en


Yesterday I got a message from a bonsai enthusiast on the island I live. He was giving up…

Spring details

Here a few close ups of spring signs at the bonsai area. Temperatures are rising fast these days…

Supporting Japanese victim

From Marco Invernizzi who made a Facebook group to support a victim of the Japanese catastrophy. “Isao…

About us

Kisetsu-en means “Garden of the seasons”.

Shohin Bonsai Europe by Morten Albek.

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