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THEME. First theme is about wiring. This is an excerpt. The full video will be available for subscribers.


Shohin-Bonsai Europe Studio subscriptions will be ready from January 2018. 

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Monthly theme

Every month a new theme is added to the video section. The monthly theme is concentrated on a given subject. In January it will be in depth about wiring.


Excerpts or special editions will be available for precise tutorials with how to videos. Showing detailed instructions about wiring, repotting and much more. The archive will expand continuously.

Follow the seasons

A monthly VLOG from the bonsai garden of Morten Albek, will be online. Follow the fours seasons of bonsai and get valuable informations of handling bonsai throughout the year.


New online bonsai videos

Shohin bonsai expert Morten Albek launches a new online video bonsai studio, where monthly videos are released. The focus is on shohin and middle sized bonsai, but occasionally a larger tree may find its way through too.

Morten Albek have written the first book in English fully dedicated to shohin bonsai. It was released ten years ago, and now it is time to continue. This time on video from the Shohin-Bonsai Europe Studio.

It is important for Morten Albek to stress that quality content is the aim of this new service. Not only the content must be professional, but also how it is presented. Therefore, a lot of work is put into making this an aesthetical experience equal to the importance of passing on information’s.

It is the aim that all levels of bonsai enthusiasts will be able to benefit from the online video streaming service, showing themes, bonsai garden reports and tutorials. Presented by international bonsai artist and teacher Morten Albek, who is awarded for both his bonsai works and as a video journalist.

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