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Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online

Improve your skills - Improve your bonsai

1 month membership

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14 Monthly
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    Basic membership.

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Selected episodes are free to watch as a preview.

  • Monthly video focusing on the season and techniques.
  • Q&A. Ask your bonsai questions and get responses on video and/or personal e-mail.
  • Shohin bonsai and larger bonsai are subjects for training advice, styling, and growing techniques.
  • Expand your display knowledge and aesthetics.
  • Improve your skills, improve your bonsai.
  • Online forum. Join the community of members and get inspiration.
  • The video archive is at your hand all the time you are a member.
  • High-Quality video and high-end post-production delivered at your device. Adapted for PC, smartphone, and tablet
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