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Improve your skills – Improve your bonsai.

Weekly tutorials and in-depth knowledge you can use for your own bonsai growing. Learn with Morten Albek, teaching bonsai internationally.

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Up to three times a month new high quality videos are published. 

You get:

  • Monthly seasonal advice about watering, feeding, pinching and much more.
  • Monthly themes focusing on a subject and in-depth knowledge.
  • How to design your bonsai.
  • In depth techniques.
  • Straight forward tutorials.
  • All levels of bonsai enthusiasts will benefit.
  • Covering the smallest shohin bonsai to large bonsai, forest style and more.
  • Inspirational content through maybe the best quality filmed bonsai videos online (we dare to say) 🙂
  • Get unique insight by following trees over time.
  • Members also have access to ask question in the Q&A section and get regularly video responses.
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Teacher is international bonsai artist Morten Albek. Albek has more than 20 years experience in developing bonsai from simple material, and pre-bonsai. Situated in Northern Europe is the garden Kisetsu-en, garden of the seasons where most lectures are filmed.


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