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Bonsai is simplicity. Bonsai is sensing. Bonsai is beauty.


The silence of nature brings peace in mind.

The spirit of the forests, lakes and coastal landscapes transforms our mind from a busy everyday life to who we are, and from where we derives.

The modern human being might risk losing his or hers connection to the nature we all are so dependent on. We might forget what the very basics of our life are based upon.

Stressing through life, seeking the ongoing hunt in trying to fulfill our needs and unstoppable need for commercial growth. 

Bonsai brings us back to nature.

The concept

The NORDIC BONSAI STYLE is a concept of seeking a much closer connection to nature. Founded in the Japanese bonsai culture, but adapted to the aesthetics and spirit of the nearby nature in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic style has a comparability with the Japanese aesthetics, and therefore it is obvious to seek a link and a transformation that is close to us, and not just a copy of another culture.

Bonsai brings us back to nature.

Nordic look is defined by clean lines, minimalism with an overall simplicity rooted in nature.

Easily connectable with the Japanese style, but still its own.

Adapting this demands an understanding of Japanese bonsai art and history. Without having, the knowledge of the past there is a risk of misunderstanding and moving in the wrong direction. Knowing the differences is as important as knowing similarities.

The NORDIC BONSAI STYLE is therefore based on my travels and many years of studying the Japanese bonsai art form, using the experience to found a new understanding.


The NORDIC BONSAI STYLE is taking its offspring in the nearby nature. It is not about just adapting and copying the style of bonsai seen in Japan or elsewhere.

It is about getting closer, observing trees in nature. How they grow, and their natural style. Right here in the Nordic nature. Following the seasons closely through forest plantings, using deciduous trees to show the beauty of change, and evergreens reflecting the strength and elegance.

In practical, it will involve adding more than mosses to cover the soil. Grasping the feeling of the woodland floor, and natural appearance by adding small shrubs.

Using slimmer more feminine trees, group plantings and forest style. Styling the trees as they are represented nearby the coast, beside the river, at the lake or at the top of cliffs.

The very basics of bonsai styling is based on the same techniques and basic styling understanding well known from Japan and adapted in the west for years. But transformed into a fuller and richer expression of what is present in the nature surrounding us here in the Nordic nature. Adding a more natural appearance in many ways.

The concept of the NORDIC BONSAI STYLE can be adapted to any area and any person.

It is a way of understanding, growing and caring about nature and styling bonsai, which has its foundation close to you. Not just copying bonsai, but expressing trees as bonsai.

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