The joy of bonsai

Summer trimming new growth

Basics about Shohin Bonsai.

Bonsai Namaste photoshoot India

Morten Albek – Bonsai

Morten Albek Shohin Bonsai Workshop. Bonsai Werkstatt in Düsseldorf. 2016.

Saburo Kato interview. English subtitles.


Daizo Iwasaki interview. English subtitles.


Masahiko Kimura interview. English subtitles.


Hiroshi Takeyama interview. English subtittles.


Under the heaven of Japan (Danish). Travel program about bonsai and martial arts. Under den japanske himmel. Rejseprogram om bonsaikunst og kampkunst.


  1. Harihara S says:

    Very privileged to see these masters. I cant think of a better combination of Bonsai videos than Sensei Sato, Sensei Kimura and the beautiful collection of Iwasaki.
    Thank you for these high quality videos and I wish you luck in your future endeavours.

  2. Ubiratan Mario Furtado says:

    Videos maravilhosos.

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