Shohin Bonsai Europe


Shohin Bonsai Europe by Morten Albek.

The bonsai garden Kisetsu-en means `the garden of the seasons.´

The Japanese name of the garden is chosen to express the seasonal changes and spirit of the garden. 


Shohin bonsai is a special category of bonsai, with its own original style and expression. Translated from Japanese, 小品盆栽, it means a small thing in a pot. 

The official measure of a Shohin bonsai is a maximum height of the tree (measured from the rim of the pot) at 20 cm/7,5 inches.

The sub category Mame bonsai (bean bonsai), 豆盆栽, has a maximum height of 10 cm/ 4 inches.

Kifu are bonsai in the medium sized bonsai. They are generally between 21 cm/8 inches and 30 cm/12 inches tall.

Chuhin are up to 60 cm/ 23 inches.

All measures are guidelines and may differ, depending on the source.



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