The book is ready to be shipped from February 29.

- or buy it at the Trophy February 29. - March 1. and get a signed copy.

I will be at the Trophy during the event. I will be happy to sign the book. If I am not around the stand be sure to find me or have your copy signed.


Through the Seasons

Morten Albek

NEW book following the seasons of Shohin bonsai. 

Going through the processes of the trees, how to deal with flowering, deciduous or conifers each season.

Each chapter focused on the seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Carefully explained and full of techniques you can add to your bonsai knowledge. 

When to prune junipers, reducing leaf size on deciduous, developing branch patterns and much more.

Being a bonsai connoisseur includes being a  gardener and artist at the same time. 

Shohin – Through the Seasons gives you both the botanical insight and the artistic approach to grow Shohin bonsai successfully.

Each chapter concludes with the seasonal approach on displaying Shohin bonsai. 

Preorder now – released February 2020.


Please send any questions concerning, price, payment, shipping i.e. at the publisher. 


When ordering you can change the language of the page to English. Just activate English at the menu at top of the page. (View illustration below).

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