The SHOHIN-BONSAI EUROPE STUDIO is the work of long time international recognised bonsai teacher MORTEN ALBEK. The studio concentrates on online video publications, but also teaching at bonsai events, in local clubs i.e.

Morten Albek – Bonsai Artist

Morten Albek – Bonsai artist.

With more than 25 years of bonsai growing in Europe, and devoted to the art of the shohin-bonsai, he has developed a valuable experience with the many aspects of this special branch of the bonsai art. Originally the website was established in 2003 as Shohin-Bonsai Europe. In 2017 changed slightly to the name Bonsai Europe, to indicate the broad varieties of bonsai handled.

Today he works with all kinds of bonsai sizes, from the smallest Shohin to medium large Chuhin bonsai.

The bonsai work of Morten Albek have been published in many books, and also in step-by-step articles at the Bonsai Focus magazine and other publications in Europe, Japan and China and more.

In 2008 he released the book “Shohin-Bonsai, Majesty in Miniature” which was the first book devoted to Shohin-bonsai outside Japan. He has studied the art in Japan and produced television features about the art, and is Bonsai Ambassador of the Shanghai Botanical Gardens bonsai collection.

Morten Albek has won numerous prizes for his bonsai work, and has written a large amount of articles for International bonsai magazines, and national publications in several countries, including Japan and China. Also book publications have showed his bonsai works. In 2007 Morten Albek published the successful and first dedicated western book about shohin-bonsai (now sold out).


Written and photographed by Morten Albek. Published in 2007. The first western book dedicated to shohin-bonsai. Now sold out.