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Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online is an online educational platform following the seasons, with a focus on styling, caretaking, and inspiration. 

The MONTHLY BONSAI VIDEO MAGAZINE will collect and share the seasonal activities of the forthcoming month. 

In every episode, the focus will be on the SEASONS. With styling, growing advice, seasonal display and much more.

A cornerstone of Kisetsu-en is the Q&A members service. 

Members can ask questions directly at e-mail and get a personal response. Selected questions are used in the video tutorials and members also can add their suggestions and questions to upcoming episodes announced ahead.

The main focus is on the smaller trees, but we care for everything from Shohin to larger bonsai. 

Morten Albek

Your teacher is Morten Albek.

Widely recognized for his work with Shohin bonsai, publishing two books on this subject. The recent book is from 2020, Shohin Through the Seasons.

Morten Albek has been at the bonsai scene for more than 30 years and has travelled all over the world teaching bonsai at major events, small clubs and numerous workshops.

Since 2003 serving the shohin bonsai enthusiasts online.

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