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2005 - Present

Kisetsu-en | Shohin Bonsai Europe

In 2005 the first version of the website was launched to promote shohin bonsai and bonsai.

The Kisetsu-en (Seasonal garden) is located in Northern Europe in Denmark.

The bonsai garden of Morten Albek, presents a collection of bonsai with shohin, middle and  larger trees.

The variety of specimens is broad with a fine collection of Kusamono added. The focus is on a seasonal approach.

Morten Albek

Born 1963

Bonsai artist and photographer

International acknowledged bonsai artist Morten Albek is the owner of the Shohin Bonsai Europe Studio. 2007 he published the first book in the west fully dedicated to the art of Shohin Bonsai (Shohin Bonsai, majesty in miniature).

Workshops and demonstrations

Morten Albek travels all over the world teaching bonsai at workshops and bonsai demonstrations on stage. Contact for appointments at albek@shohin-europe.com 


In 2019 Morten Albek was elected as Chairman of the Danish Bonsai Association.

Contact at mortenalbek@bonsai-danmark.dk


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