Bonsai autumn mood video

The bonsai and garden changes. Some days we get a lot of rain and winds. Some mornings are just silent and beautiful. The mood of autumn is a mixture of beauty and melancholy. Colours are vivid and then they fade. Leaves drop and paint the floor of the garden. Enjoy two minutes of autumn and …

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Middle sized bonsai, and Tanuki cheat

Middle-sized bonsai are not in fashion. Have they ever been? I don’t know, but I really think these sizes are overlooked at bonsai shows. That’s one part of this bonsai blog post’s purpose to discuss. Another subject is a technique I feel is deeply misunderstood. Tanuki, or what is referred to as phoenix grafting. Not …

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Bonsai in alarm colors

Red, yellow, orange. Normally alarm colors for warning or good offers. Here it offers an autumn mood in the bonsai garden. Colors of the season The cold weather is slowly approaching but still not really getting its grip. Therefore colors are not as vivid as other years, and both wind and rain have ripped some …

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A moment of bonsai Zen

Have some Sunday bonsai laziness. A moment of bonsai Zen. Way too often I find myself working on my trees, and not just enjoying them. In between I try to find a moment of silence, just being a little lazy and relaxed. Let your brain have time off for a moment Studies show that your …

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The bonsai clock is ticking

In more than one sense time is running. The bonsai clock is ticking. A season of growth ends and reminds us of time. Before we know it we are much older than yesterday. Hopefully wiser and more satisfied with life. One thing that brings satisfaction to my life is working with bonsai. Having my hands …

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The creative shohin display VIDEO

This is a free version to watch from our series of bonsai and shohin-bonsai. The creative display Searching for a different display, with an offset from the original concept and idea of displaying. With a twist. Please enjoy.

Bonsai questions from Japan, Canada and the UK

Q&A from Japan, Canada, and the UK are featured in the new episode launched today at Kisetsu-en Bonsai Online. Dealing with various questions about brown needles at coniferous bonsai, roots, and soil problems at Japanese maples, + timing wiring for deciduous bonsai. The watering and fertilizing strategy change when temperatures drop and days get shorter, …

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Next bonsai video and new upcoming format

We are entering autumn/fall little by little. Slowly days are getting shorter and colder. Autumn can be everything from wet, windy, and warm to sunny, silent, and cold. In the next episode, released Thursday, October 8, we focus on watering, feeding, and fungal diseases. Added our popular Q&Q with questions about the timing of wiring …

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Bonsai Scots pine styling

Dear readers of my blog. I hope you enjoy the upcoming autumn/fall, despite the Corona still being around. In Thursday’s episode (online from September 24th) I continue the work on a Scots pine collected in Sweden more than three years ago. Continuing the development from very raw and simple material towards a promising bonsai. The …

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The beauty of Scots pines

The beauty of Scots pines has grown on me. I usually say I do not have preferences about which species I prefer for bonsai. But I have to admit that the Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris, is trying to be on top of that non-existing list 🙂 There is something special about the aged silver-grey bark, …

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