Bonsai display Live Q&A

Thursday at 8 PM (UTC +2) Copenhagen time, the monthly Live Q&A on Zoom is focused on two main questions. You are still welcome to add your questions, but we will use some time on the two main subjects.

Question one is on displaying bonsai. If time allows, I will go through the basic understanding and more advanced options. During the live Q&A, you can always chip in your questions and we appreciate an interaction with all members who want to join the conversation.

The next big topic on Thursday will be developing bonsai from simple nursery material. How to find it and which steps to take to make a future great bonsai.

More topics will come along the way and during the Live Q&A hosted on Zoom.

On this page, you find the information about joining (as a member – a 7-day free trial period is available) and a timer to make it easier to adapt to your time zone.

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