Live Q&A and the friendly educational Kisetsu-en community

Thursday we had our monthly Live Q&A filled with questions. And my experience with this group is that it is growing in many ways. The friendliness and interaction between the attending people are just great, and I enjoy every minute of it.

The Kisetsu-en spirit

We have a lot of information floating around and members add their experience and knowledge to the group. Sharing and helping each other is the best way to learn, and my hope with the Live Q&A at Kisetsu-en was that the spirit of friendly interaction combined with knowledge could fit in. And my expectations are fulfilled.

Thanks to everybody taking part and making this happen.

Some topics we came around: Development of a small Shohin field maple forest, defoliating maples, Japanese black pine growth control and timing, Air layering Yew and Azaleas with different techniques, secondary and tertiary branching at beech and hornbeam, the timing of structural pruning on White pines (and other pines), Potentilla cutting back for Shohin bonsai.

This time Live from the garden on a nice warm September evening.

International time zones

For the upcoming meetings, I will set up an international timetable because a few people missed out due to different time zones. It is a worldwide gathering and some are waking up in the middle of the night to take part.

All meetings are recorded, so if you missed out on a meeting or just want to watch again, it is online the day after the meeting.

Members can watch all Live Q&A here:

Read more about Live Q&A at Kisetsu-en:

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